Being a draw or lottery system in South Dakota to hunt ducks or geese in the fall, we encourage our hunters to apply for this license. As being located in the Prairie Pothole region of Northeastern South Dakota. Northern Plains Outfitters has some great opportunities to place you in some extraordinary waterfowl hunting. From the sloughs and waterways filled with Gadwell, Widgeon and Teal. To the harvested cornfields full of Mallards and Pintails. Check out some of the best waterfowl migrating through the area this fall at Northern Plains Outfitters!

About Our Waterfowl Hunts

September - December

Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. invites you to hunt with the Best! We pride ourselves on top quality South Dakota Waterfowl Hunts throughout beautiful Northeastern South Dakota.

Region & Flyway: Northeast South Dakota has some of the best Waterfowl Hunting anywhere and we invite you to spend some time with the Waterfowl Experts at Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. You won't be disappointed.

Decoy Spreads: With our large decoy spreads, we are sure to have the birds well within shooting range for you to bag your limit. The majority of the Hunting is done from Avery and Tanglefree Layout Blinds which are extremely comfortable even in the most harsh conditions.

Season: The season runs from the end of September through early December with the main migration rolling through during the first part of November through Thanksgiving (Depending upon the weather).

License: The license is a Lottery Draw and your application is due to the Game and Fish by July 9th. Contact us for more details and help in filling out the licenses or view more waterfowl license info at the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks website.

***If you are applying for the Waterfowl License, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you fill out all of the information on the application correctly and completely!  If you forget something, or make a mistake, your application is void and you will be unsuccessful in the drawing.  If you have Preference Points, apply individually, if you don't have any Preference Points, apply as a Group.  Group Application can take up to 6 applicants.  If you have more than 6 hunters, setup 2 Groups.  By applying as a Group, if one person in the Group gets drawn, all the people in that Group will get drawn.  When filling out the the application, your First Choice should be NRW-00B-86 (Statewide), and your Second Choice should be NRW-00Y-86. 

Call Shannon if you have questions, 605-380-9971.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

March - April

Join Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. for your South Dakota Spring Snow Goose hunt of a Lifetime! We have been in business for 18 years and know what it takes to make your Spring Snow Goose Hunt a memorable one. We feature large decoy spreads, electronic calls, comfortable layout blinds and much more. We are Full-Time Guides & Outfitters who hunt for a living! Our Customer Service is second to none and it shows, 90% of our business is repeat clients.

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Check Out Our Lodging

Accommodations and Lodging

Our accommodations are very comfortable and assure your time away from the field to be very relaxing. We can host up to 45 people at one time and still guarantee personal service to each and every guest.

Check out our lodging here at Northern Plains Outfitters


OUR NEW Payment Plan

We have a new Option for paying for your hunt. We can set Clients up on a Monthly Recurring Credit Card Payment Plan where they can pay for their hunt monthly from now until October 1st. By choosing this plan, the Client incurs less of an impact on their finances all at once and insures them a spot for the upcoming fall.

For example, if you are a Deer Hunter and your total bill is $2,500, and you choose this payment option and contacted me as of April 1st, we would take your total owed and divide it into the total number of months between now and October 1st (full payment is required by October 1st). You would be charged $357.14 on the first of every month with the final bill being on October 1st. This monthly charge may vary depending upon when you book your hunt. By choosing this plan, you would be paid in full prior to arrival.

If you are a Pheasant Hunter and you owe $2,000 for your upcoming hunt and contact me about setting up this Payment Option, you would be charged $285.71 on the first of every month with your final payment being made on October 1st.