Winterkill on Pheasants Minimal

It looks like a LONG winter is slowly coming to an end. Today we reached a high of 44 degrees and it rained about a 1/2 inch. You don’t see rain very often in February! We lost alot of snow because of the rain which is great news as it will help all of the wildlife in the area obtain food much easier. So far, it looks as though winterkill on the Pheasants is minimal. We had a couple blizzards in December and January but it appears that the birds made it through pretty well. The key is having your food plots close to winter cover. If the birds have to travel more than a couple hundred yards to eat, there is always that chance they can get caught out if the weather turns bad. As for the Deer, they are always pretty hardy. Based on the amount of corn that was still standing through December, alot of good bucks made it through all of the hunting seasons which is great news for our Archery hunters that are coming out this fall. We look for this fall to be our most successful yet

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