2010 Pheasant Winterkill & Pheasant Outlook

Winter is OVER! Thank God, as it sure seemed liked it lasted a long time. The Pheasants made it through the winter pretty well in our area. The Game and Fish estimated that in our area Winter Kill was minimal but other areas in the state weren’t so lucky. Some counties are down almost 40%. We fed the birds corn throughout the winter so it made for a much easier time finding something to eat. The Deer also faired well. We have some great bucks that made it through last year’s hunting season so we are looking forward to a Great Fall! We will putting out our New Moultrie Trail Cams out on May 1st and will post the first pictures around May 10th so make sure you check back weekly for updates. Also, if you haven’t booked your hunt yet, call me as soon as possible as 85% of our Pheasant Season is booked and 90% of our Archery Deer Season is also booked. We still have a few openings for Buffalo Hunts this winter but they are going fast as well. Call me at 605-380-9971 or email me at info@northernplainsoutfitters.com, to see what dates are still available.

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