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2010 Pheasant Broods Report

We are starting to see great numbers of of Pheasant Broods with up to 15 chicks in 1 brood. So far the weather has been pretty good except for the amount of rain we have been receiving, but good rain, makes great cover, which in turn makes Great Pheasant Hunting!

Call Shannon Yeske at 605-380-9971 or email me at, to see what dates are still available.

High South Dakota Ducks Populations

In all my years in this business, I have never seen the large amounts of ducks and geese that are nesting in our area. Thanks to large amounts of snow last winter, and alot of rains over the last couple months, we have more “prairie potholes” than ever which equates to a major increase in Duck populations. We are looking for this fall to be spectacular. If you are Waterfowling with us this fall, the deadline is the 13th (online application). Contact me if you have questions.

2010 Waterfowl Application Due July 9th

To all of the Waterfowl Hunters, the South Dakota Waterfowl application is due via mail by July 9th. If you are applying online, you have until July 13th to apply for the license. You will apply for the Statewide Tag as your 1st Choice (NRW-00B-86). Your 2nd Choice will be NRW-00Y-86. If there are numerous people in your hunting party, make sure you apply as a group. It will aid in you being successful in the drawing.