2011 Pheasant Winterkill and Pheasant Outlook

It looks like winter may finally be behind us. The Pheasants did pretty well throughout the winter but we did lose a few to the tough winter. Many areas in South Dakota had high percentages of winter kill but I would estimate our’s to be around 10% which really isn’t bad based on how bad the winter was. With a good hatch this spring, numbers should be strong again this fall.

10% Winter Kill is also the number of deer we lost in our area. Most of the deer we have seen that have died from the winter were fawns from the previous spring.

We have been looking for sheds as of late and have found more good sheds than ever, so this fall looks to be great again for the archery hunters. If you haven’t booked your hunt with Northern Plains Outfitters yet, you should do so quickly as we are 90% full on all of our hunts. Email us at info@northernplainsoutfitters.com to reserve your dates.

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