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South Dakota Buffalo Hunt

Experience the South Dakota buffalo hunt of a lifetime when you hunt the majestic buffalo with Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. The rolling prairies, where we hunt these massive animals resemble those found in the movie, “Dances With Wolves”. Our buffalo hunts begin early December and run through the end of February, the following spring.

Hunts offered: From buffalo cows to trophy bulls, Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. has it all. Our all inclusive hunts are sure to make memories that will last forever. Contact us today to book your South Dakota Buffalo Hunt on the vast prairies.

Weapon: You can hunt with a Bow, Muzzleloader, Pistol, or a Rifle (Minimum Caliber .270).

Land: We hunt a large area consisting of 7,000 acres which assures the hunt to be very challenging.

Gear: All you really need to bring is your weapon of choice and your cold weather gear and we will take care of everything else.

Meat: Processing by our professional butcher runs between $400 and $900 depending upon the size of the Buffalo you shoot.  If you decide to have us skin/quarter your Buffalo, we charge $125/Cow, $175/Medium Bull, and $225/Trophy Bull.



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Included: Lodging, Food, Guides, Ground Blinds, Field Transportation, Field Dressing, Wireless Internet, Satellite TV, and More

Not Included: Processing,  6.5% South Dakota State Sales Tax, and Staff Gratuities

*Non-Hunting Guest – $150/Night
*If you plan to donate your meat, you are still responsible for the processing cost of the buffalo.
*All credit card deposits and payments will have a 3% processing fee.
*Deposits are Non-refundable

Buffalo Hunt Info

Breakfast is at 8:30am. We will depart for the shooting range at approximately 9:00am. We require each hunter to shoot their weapon of choice at least once, prior to the hunt, to insure that nothing got bumped on the trip in.

It is important to have the proper clothing and gear prior to arrival. Clothes, Guns, Shells, Bow, Arrows, Broadheads (No Expandables), etc. See Gear List.

Please practice with your weapon of choice prior to arrival. We owe it to the animal to humanely harvest it. If using a Primitive Weapon (Bow, Crossbow, Muzzleloader, 45.70, etc), it is suggested that you bring rifle, .270 or larger, to finish the animal.

If you want our butcher to process the meat, please let us know long before you arrive as we will need to make an appointment with them. If you want us to skin the buffalo, the charge is $150.

  • Lunch will be in the field/vehicle and will be sandwiches.
  • Supper will be at the lodge and served at approximately 6PM.
  • Plan for very cold weather as well as snow. If there is snow, please be prepared for a strenuous walk. We do have side by sides with tracks so please let us know if you have physical issues and need them.
  • If you have physical issues, and can’t walk, a primitive weapon may not be a good choice.
  • Please research shot placement on a Buffalo prior to arrival.
  • If transporting meat home by vehicle, you can bring coolers if you would like but all the meat will be in boxes. It is normally cold enough to travel without coolers unless traveling to a warmer climate. We are not responsible for spoiled meat or shipping of the meat.

Processing Information and Rates

If using our processor, he will normally process the buffalo in one day. If you flew in and need the meat shipped, it will be expensive as he ships via FedEx. You can expect the following meat yield and expenses based on good shooting from our processor.

  • Buffalo Cow – 230 to 280 lbs. – $600 – $680
  • Small Bull – 260 to 300 lbs. – $640 – $710
  • Medium Bull – 320 to 390 lbs. – $720 – $900
  • Trophy Bull – 420 to 540 lbs. – $980 – $1180

Buffalo Hunt Gear List

  • Warm Clothes. We suggest layering as the weather can change very quickly. Kuiu makes lightweight, high quality hunting gear that won’t break the bank.
  • Orange clothing is not required.
  • If there is snow on the ground, please bring white coverups. A white sweatshirt is sufficient but make sure it is big enough to fit over your cold weather gear.
  • Warm Boots are suggested. Lacrosse Alpha Burly (800 grams minimum) is a great boot. Waterproof and tall enough to where they won’t let snow in.
  • A good pair of socks is a good option. Heavy wool socks work great.
  • Boot Gaiters are suggested if we have snow.
  • Long underwear/base layers are definitely a must have.
  • We would suggest bring Hot Hands Hand Warmers.
  • Windproof clothing is also highly suggested. Kuiu Kenai and Kenai Ultra Jackets are very lightweight and windproof. These jackets are good underlayers. You will likely want an outer shell as well.
  • Neck Gaiter, Face Mask, Stocking Cap
  • Warm gloves along with a thin pair for underneath the thicker gloves.
  • Bring a minimum of 20 shells for your rifle. Please buy good bullets.
  • Sling for your gun.
  • Bowhunters should be proficient to 50 yards.
  • No expandable broadheads can be used. Must be cut on contact/fixed blade.






    *Please have your license prior to arrival of your hunt. Also ensure all dates are correct.

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