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Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. offers Archery-Only Whitetail Deer Hunts to a limited number of discriminating clients looking for an opportunity to harvest a trophy class whitetail buck.

All of our South Dakota Archery Deer Hunts are done under the rules of fair chase as there are no high fences. Our "All-Inclusive" Whitetail Hunts were created for the sole purpose of providing the hunter with a high quality hunting experience.  All of the Guides are Archery Hunters and know the habits and patterns of the deer and know what it takes to get you close enough for that shot of a lifetime.

Deer Numbers & Results

The deer herd numbers are up over the last few years and you can expect to see numerous deer each time you take a stand.

*Our deer management goal is to harvest only mature bucks that score a minimum of 125".  During the 2017 Season, we ran 80% shot opportunity on 125" or better bucks.

*Please Note:    Our Buck to Doe Ratio is very good at this time and we will not be harvesting any does for the 2018 season.  Please don't purchase any doe tags when you apply for your buck tag.  There is no hunting on your arrival or departure dates.

The biggest buck harvested on our place scored 183 6/8" and will rank as the 3rd All-Time Archery Buck harvested in South Dakota!

Archery Whitetail Season & Lic.

Season: Our Archery season typically runs from the last weekend in September through the third weekend in November with the Rut starting around the end of October.

License: The license is a Lottery Draw, but as a Non-Resident, you are guaranteed to receive the license if you apply.  The cost of the license is $285 for the upcoming season.  Licenses can be applied for at the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks website.


South Dakota Archery Whitetail Hunts

September 22nd through November 15th, 2018

Price listed is the price per hunter.

*The first day listed on the dates below is your arrival date and the last day listed is your departure date. (Arrival Time after 4PM if possible, Departure Time before 10am).  No hunting on your arrival or departure date.

Included: Lodging, Food, Guides, Stands, Ground Blinds, Field Transportation, Field Dressing, Wireless Internet, Satellite TV, and More

Not Included: License $285 (Can be Purchased Online at, No Deadline, Guranteed Draw), 6% South Dakota State Sales Tax, and Staff Gratuities

*Non-Hunting Guest - $150/Night

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Deer Hunting Packages

Archery Hunting Packages

Week 1 $1895

Arrive 9/21 - Depart on 9/28 6 Day Hunt

Week 2 $1895

Arrive 9/28 - Depart on 10/5 6 Day Hunt

Week 3 $1895

Arrive 10/5 - Depart on 10/12 6 Day Hunt

Week 4 $1895

Arrive 10/12 - Depart on 10/19 6 Day Hunt

Archery Whitetail

Week 5 $2895

Arrive 10/26 - Depart on 11/2 Hunt 6 Days

Week 6 $2895

Arrive 11/2 - Depart on 11/9 Hunt 6 Days

Week 7 $2895

Arrive 11/9 - Depart on 11/16 Hunt 6 Days

More Packages & Combo Packages

We have hunting combo packages available at our hunting packages page if you would like to combo your archery deer hunt with pheasant hunting.


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Our NEW Payment Plan

We have a new Option for paying for your hunt. We can set Clients up on a Monthly Recurring Credit Card Payment Plan where they can pay for their hunt monthly from now until October 1st. By choosing this plan, the Client incurs less of an impact on their finances all at once and insures them a spot for the upcoming fall.

For example, if you are a Deer Hunter and your total bill is $2,500, and you choose this payment option and contacted me as of April 1st, we would take your total owed and divide it into the total number of months between now and October 1st (full payment is required by October 1st). You would be charged $357.14 on the first of every month with the final bill being on October 1st. This monthly charge may vary depending upon when you book your hunt. By choosing this plan, you would be paid in full prior to arrival.

If you are a Pheasant Hunter and you owe $2,000 for your upcoming hunt and contact me about setting up this Payment Option, you would be charged $285.71 on the first of every month with your final payment being made on October 1st.