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Hunting Dog & Gun Dog Training

At Northern Plains Gun Dog’s our Specialty is Gun Dog Training for the Hunter. Whether your passion is Upland Hunting, Waterfowl Hunting, or a little of both, our training can be tailored to how you hunt.

Please note that the Basic Training Program will typically take a minimum of 2 months as all dogs learn at a different pace. It is tough to determine exactly how long the desired training will take but we keep our Dog Owner’s informed throughout the entire training process through emails, videos, phone, and text. Some dogs do not have “What it Takes” to be a true hunting companion. If we feel that your dog is not performing up to expectations and doesn’t have the desire and drive, we will contact you and discuss the options.

Hunting Training

starting at


per month


Training Season starts April

  • Start your new Puppy on Bird’s and Feather’s to prepare him/her for the Basic Training Program (The class typically takes 1 month)
  • Socialization of the Puppy


Training Season starts April

  • On and Off Lead Obedience (Here, Heel, Sit, Place, Kennel, Whoa)
  • Collar Conditioning
  • Gun Conditioning
  • Force Fetching
  • Introduction to Birds, Water, Decoys, Various Cover & Situations
  • Single Marks to 75 Yards
  • Steady to Shot and Falls
  • Quartering & Flushing Introduction
  • Introduction to Casting (Over, Back, Here, Stop)


Training Season starts April

  • Continuation of Off Lead Obedience Commands
  • Continuation of Casting
  • Continuation of Single, Double, and Triple Marks along with Situational Marks
  • Blind Retrieves
  • Advanced Quartering & Flushing Work
  • Additional Bird Work

Please note that the Advanced Training Program can take up to 3 months over and above the 2 months of Basic Training. The duration of Training varies based upon your Dog’s abilities.





    *A Payment of $600 is due upon dropping your dog off. This will cover the first month of training. You will be billed at the end of the month for the next month of training along with any bird costs that may have been incurred. Bird usage will be discussed prior to any training taking place. We want you to be aware of all costs without any surprises in the end. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our professional Gun Dog Training services.

    Pigeons = $4.00 / Bird

    Pheasants = $6.00 / Bird

    *All Veterinary expenses for injury or illnesses that your dog may incur during training is the responsibility of the owner.

    *All Shots must be up to date upon dropping off your dog.

    *Owner supplies food or we can supply our food at a cost of $40/Bag which will be billed at the end of the billing cycle.

    Hunting Dogs

    none available at this time


    At Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. we feel that there is nothing better than a well trained dog to hunt behind in the field. We don’t train our dogs for Field Trials etc. but solely as hunting companions in the field. Our goal is to provide a Top Quality “Started Dog” that is ready to hunt when you are ready to hunt.

    You may be asking, “What is a Started Dog”?

    Our Started Dogs will be trained in the following aspects:

    • Obedience – The Dog will respond to these commands: Sit, Here, Heel, Place, Whoa, & Kennel
    • Collar Conditioning – The Dog will respond positively to E-Collar Pressure.
    • Force Fetch – Assures the Dog will handle Birds correctly and deliver to Hand.
    • Birds – The Dog will be introduced to birds. Fun to Find, Fun to Chase, Fun to Retrieve
    • Quartering – Started to allow a Conditioned Response to a Quartering Whistle
    • Gun Conditioning – Introduction to the Gun and Marking off the Gun
    • Marking – Single Marks to a distance of 70 yards
    • Retrieving – Retrieving on Land and in Water
    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Dog Collars

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