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Snow Goose Hunting

We are booking up very quickly for our 2017 Spring Snow Goose Hunts so if you are planning a trip to South Dakota this spring, please book soon. Big Decoy Spreads, No Limits, No Plugs, and Electronic Calls makes for an outstanding Hunt with Northern Plains Outfitters. We offer various packages to fit anyone’s budget.

South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting 2017!

It’s not too early to book your 2017 Spring Snow Goose Hunt with Northern Plains Outfitters. The best time to hunt Spring Snow Geese is from March 10th to April 10th in South Dakota. We offer day hunts, multiple day hunts, and hunts with lodging and continental breakfast included. We can even add a Pheasant Hunt to your trip, between the morning and afternoon Snow Goose Hunts. Contact us today for details and available dates.

Snow Goose Migration

Well, the leading edge birds were here (Athol, SD) and through 3 or 4 days ago but with the snow, everything has moved back south. I am not sure how far south they went but Mitchell, SD reported 5 inches of snow so they are wherever the snow line is. I look for a good migration starting Friday as temps are supposed to warm up to the 50’s and 60’s by Friday and Saturday. We still have a few days available for this spring so email us for availability at

Northern Plains News

The winter has been an easy one so far which bodes well for our Pheasant and Deer populations. We have about 5 inches of snow on the ground and the temps have been mild, especially for January.

The booking season has begun and we are now taking reservations for Spring Snow Goose Hunts, Pheasant Hunts, Archery Deer Hunts, and Buffalo Hunts. We are looking forward to seeing all of our past clients as well as some new ones this fall!

Please note that we do have some days available in Late March for our Preserve Pheasant Hunts. You can combo this with a Snow Goose Hunt which ensures a full day of hunting! We have some great rates on this combo. Contact me at 605-380-9971 or via email at

2011 Pheasant Winterkill and Pheasant Outlook

It looks like winter may finally be behind us. The Pheasants did pretty well throughout the winter but we did lose a few to the tough winter. Many areas in South Dakota had high percentages of winter kill but I would estimate our’s to be around 10% which really isn’t bad based on how bad the winter was. With a good hatch this spring, numbers should be strong again this fall.

10% Winter Kill is also the number of deer we lost in our area. Most of the deer we have seen that have died from the winter were fawns from the previous spring.

We have been looking for sheds as of late and have found more good sheds than ever, so this fall looks to be great again for the archery hunters. If you haven’t booked your hunt with Northern Plains Outfitters yet, you should do so quickly as we are 90% full on all of our hunts. Email us at to reserve your dates.

2010 Pheasant Broods Report

We are starting to see great numbers of of Pheasant Broods with up to 15 chicks in 1 brood. So far the weather has been pretty good except for the amount of rain we have been receiving, but good rain, makes great cover, which in turn makes Great Pheasant Hunting!

Call Shannon Yeske at 605-380-9971 or email me at, to see what dates are still available.

High South Dakota Ducks Populations

In all my years in this business, I have never seen the large amounts of ducks and geese that are nesting in our area. Thanks to large amounts of snow last winter, and alot of rains over the last couple months, we have more “prairie potholes” than ever which equates to a major increase in Duck populations. We are looking for this fall to be spectacular. If you are Waterfowling with us this fall, the deadline is the 13th (online application). Contact me if you have questions.

2010 Waterfowl Application Due July 9th

To all of the Waterfowl Hunters, the South Dakota Waterfowl application is due via mail by July 9th. If you are applying online, you have until July 13th to apply for the license. You will apply for the Statewide Tag as your 1st Choice (NRW-00B-86). Your 2nd Choice will be NRW-00Y-86. If there are numerous people in your hunting party, make sure you apply as a group. It will aid in you being successful in the drawing.

2010 Pheasant Winterkill & Pheasant Outlook

Winter is OVER! Thank God, as it sure seemed liked it lasted a long time. The Pheasants made it through the winter pretty well in our area. The Game and Fish estimated that in our area Winter Kill was minimal but other areas in the state weren’t so lucky. Some counties are down almost 40%. We fed the birds corn throughout the winter so it made for a much easier time finding something to eat. The Deer also faired well. We have some great bucks that made it through last year’s hunting season so we are looking forward to a Great Fall! We will putting out our New Moultrie Trail Cams out on May 1st and will post the first pictures around May 10th so make sure you check back weekly for updates. Also, if you haven’t booked your hunt yet, call me as soon as possible as 85% of our Pheasant Season is booked and 90% of our Archery Deer Season is also booked. We still have a few openings for Buffalo Hunts this winter but they are going fast as well. Call me at 605-380-9971 or email me at, to see what dates are still available.