Early Season Pheasant Hunting Preserve  

In 2015 we added a Pheasant Hunting Preserve  to our operation in order to meet the needs of our clients. Many have expressed the desire to harvest more Pheasants during their stay with us and to also hunt the extended season.  By adding this Preserve, the hunting season on this 2,500 acres is extended greatly with the season opening September 1st and closing March 31st.

South Dakota Preserve Pheasant Hunts

Our Preserve still offers large amounts of South Dakota Pheasants but we have supplemented the population in that area with Preserve Pheasants. While hunting on this Property you will be allowed to harvest 5 Roosters daily with the ability to harvest more birds at a rate of $30 / Bird. It is a great way to get out during the early season, work your dog and hone your wingshooting skills.