Great Habitat is Essential | SD Pheasant Hunts

The Secret to Great Hunting is Great Habitat! Whether you are pheasant huntingdeer hunting, or buffalo hunting, if you don't have what they want and need, you don't have the game. At Northern Plains Outfitters, we strive to provide our hunters with the best Habitat to be found anywhere.  As many of you may know, a great majority of the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) lands will be returned to farm ground over the next few years which will decrease the overall habitat for wildlife which in turn will decrease bird and big game numbers.  By losing the CRP around us, it will only make the hunting at Northern Plains Outfitters better.  We will continue to provide great habitat the way we have for years which insures all the essential components of a Great Hunt!

Size of the Land

While we hunt over 25,000 acres, it doesn't take this much land to be successful. It comes down to providing food, roosting/nesting/bedding cover, water, and winter cover all in the same general vicinity of each other. If you are missing one item, you are also missing the wildlife.

Habitat Development

Habitat development for Pheasants and Deer has and always will be a very important aspect of our management philosophy.  We have planted over 10,000 trees in the last 5 years which will ensure great habitat in the coming years.  We will have more Sorghum, Milo, and Corn food plots than ever before which makes for Great Hunts throughout the entire season.  Northern Plains Outfitters will continue to focus on what has made South Dakota Pheasant Hunting so great. Great Habitat!