South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts

Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Join Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. for your Spring South Dakota snow goose hunt of a Lifetime! We have been in business for 25 years and know what it takes to make your spring snow goose hunt a memorable one. We feature large decoy spreads, electronic calls, comfortable layout blinds and much more. We are full-time guides & outfitters who hunt for a living! Our customer service is second to none and it shows, 90% of our business is repeat clients.

At Northern Plains Outfitters, we are a South Dakota based operation and only hunt within a 100 mile radius of the hunting lodge so our season is pretty short, typically 3 to 4 weeks. We spend countless hours scouting the next great field for your hunt. No one will work harder to give you the opportunity, and we aren’t afraid to pick up and move the entire spread for the next day’s hunt. This, along with extensive scouting and top of the line equipment is what it takes to be successful!

So much of the migration is weather dependent so the season in our area can last 1 week or 1 month. We average 3 to 4 weeks so only a small number of groups can be accommodated during this time. We suggest you book early so you are the first hunters we call when the time comes. The hunt is somewhat narrowed down from March 10th, through April 10th. This can vary by a few days on each end so if is very important for you and your group to be flexible. You are basically “On Call”!

Party size of 6 hunters will allow you to hunt in your own, exclusive field. Groups with less hunters than 6 can reserve their exclusive field for an additional charge. If you don’t have 6, you may be combined with other smaller groups to reach the desired number of hunters in each field.

WE HAVE AMMO – Federal Ammunition available for purchase on your hunt.

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    Why hunt with Northern Plains?

    Northern Plains provides all decoys, blinds, callers, etc. Also provided with our hunts is lodging. Very few South Dakota snow goose operations provide lodging and it is an additional cost to you. We provide lodging and it is included the cost of your hunt when chosen. You can stay in 1 of 5 very nice lodges based on the size of your group. Our comfortable lodging makes your time away from the field very comfortable. By offering lodging, you don’t have to worry about where you are going to stay, how much it is going to cost, is the motel full, etc. We have it covered!

    South Dakota has no daily limit on snow geese nor is there a possession limit. You are allowed to hunt with guns that are unplugged allowing more than the traditional 3 shots. The license cost for the spring snow goose hunt is: Adult – $50 + Habitat Stamp – $25, Youth – $25.



    per hunter

    • 1/2 Day – $200/hunter
    • Full Day – $260/hunter
    • Full Day + Lodging – $300/hunter (SD Only)
    • 2 Day/3 Night w/lodging – $590 (SD Only)
    • 3 Day/4 Night w/lodging – $840 (SD Only)

    Premier Package


    per hunter/day

    • In Ground Enclosed Heated Pits over Full Body SX Decoys
    • Mobile Full Body Decoy Spread with Premium Layout Blinds. 
    • Breakfast and Lunch in the Pit while Hunting.  Supper at the Lodge. 
    • Lodging!   
    • Bird Cleaning!


    Hunters arrive after 3:00pm day before hunt or arranged meeting location
    Departure after the hunt on last day unless arranged


    Nebraska – February 20th thru March 15th
    South Dakota – March 12th thru April 12th
    *Weather permitting
    Unlimited Birds


    • Hunt
    • Lodging (if booked lodging package) – Food
    • Guides – Decoys – Blinds (Pit, A-Frames, Layouts)

    Not Included:

    • License
    • Shotgun Shells
    • South Dakota State Sales Tax
    • Staff Gratuities

    *Non-shooting guest rate $200/per night
    *To secure your hunt dates Northern Plains Outfitters requires a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.

    Premium Package – Snow Goose Hunts

    Northern Plains Outfitters is now offering an All-Inclusive Spring Snow Goose Hunt for those people that prefer the finer things in life while hunting!  Our goal is to make your Hunt as comfortable and easy as possible.   

    These hunts take place from our main operation in Athol, SD.  Typical dates for this hunt are from March 15th through April 10th but can vary based on the Weather and the Migration.  If for some reason the migration isn’t conducive to Hunting the Pits, we have Full Body Decoy Spreads ready and available at a moment’s notice.  If this is the route we take, all decoys and premium layout blinds will be set and ready for your arrival. 

    *Both Pits can Hunt up to 8 Hunters at a time.  6 Hunters will Reserve the Pit Exclusively for their group.  If there are 5 or less Hunters, you may be put with a smaller group of Hunters.  You can pay for 6 Hunters if you have less in order to have exclusive rights to the field. 

    Not Included:  License, Shells, and Gratuity 

    Snow Goose Hunting Experience

    Our day usually starts one hour before shooting time at the lodge. We depart and head to the field which varies in travel time from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. Before shooting time, we will go over safety and field rules to ensure and great, safe hunt for everyone. Our hunts run from a half hour before sunrise until sun down.

    We usually take a break from the hunt and head back to the lodge for lunch and a short nap. If the hunters decide to stay you are free to spend the entire day in the decoy spread. At the end of each hunt your guide will make arrangements for the details of the next day’s hunt, you may being hunting in the same snow goose spread if the days hunt was a success, otherwise you may move to a new location.

    Key Snow Goose Information

    Groups – Groups of 6+ will have field exclusively to their group if available. Groups of less than 6 can be combined with other groups. You may pay for 6 to guarantee exclusive field for your group if you are under 6 hunters.

    Decoys – We utilize spreads of snow/blue goose decoys that vary from 1,000 to 2000 decoys depending on the time of year, weather, bird patterns, etc. The decoys in our spreads are almost exclusively White Rock Decoys as well as Avery Full Bodies as they are the BEST ON THE MARKET! Normally all decoy spreads are setup and ready before your arrival but it if there is an unexpected move we need to make, we appreciate help in resetting the spread.

    Blinds – Our blinds are Avery and Tanglefree Layouts.  We use only the most comfortable blinds on the market today.

    Electronic Calls – We use our own custom made electronic calls. They are very clear and loud and will pull geese in like you have never seen.


    What to Bring on your Waterfowl Hunt

    Face Cover-Up

    Each hunter is required to have either a face mask or facepaint to take the glare off. Birds will flare off of someone who isn’t wearing a mask or cover up.


    The weather varies greatly this time of year. Last year we had days in the 80’s and later that week it dipped down to the 30’s. The best suggestion is to layer your clothing so it is easy to shed if the temperature rises. We also suggest gloves, hats, rubber boots, and even waders. The South Dakota waterfowl hunts can be a very wet, muddy place and you want to stay as dry as possible.


    We suggest a 12 Gauge that is capable of shooting 3” and 3 ½” shells. Please plan 2 boxes of shells for each day of your hunt. If you run out or forget shells, we have shells at the lodge that you can purchase for the same price you can get them at Walmart or any other sporting hoods store. The best shot size is 2’s, BB’s, and BBB’s with a decently heavy pellet. Winchester XPert waterfowl loads, with 1 1/8oz. shot doesn’t cut it. We do recommend shooting quality shells. Don’t buy the cheapest shells you can. It is all relative, you can buy cheap shells, that kill less birds, therefore you have to buy more cheap shells or you can buy quality shells, shoot less of them, and kill more birds. It sounds silly but we have proven it over the years.

    Snacks in the field

    It is possible that you will spend all day in the field and we suggest you pack your lunch, bring snacks, beverages, etc.

    I can’t recommend Northern Plains enough. I recently had a snow goose hunt with them and it was incredible. Accommodations were great, both in the field and at the lodge. We didn’t get the amount of birds we would’ve liked but that was by no means the fault of our guide, who worked hard to get birds in range. I will definitely be back there again. Thanks so much, Shannon!” –  Michael Carlson

    Will Davis
    Will Davis
    22:23 29 Dec 23
    Northern Plains Outfitters is top notch. I have hunted with many outfitters all over the nation and have to say Shannon and his guides are amount the best we have hunted with. I highly recommend you come check them out if you get the opportunity to.
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